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The G207 is yet another variant of our universal car chargers for all cars and trucks. And yes, it supports fast charging. With Quick Charge 3.0 support of up to 2.4A for 2 devices at the same time, this charger fills your supported devices up at least 4X faster than the standard, snail slow 0.5A chargers.

Connect two devices at the same time.

So it gets better. Not only do you get to fill up super fast, but you've also got two ports to charge two devices at the same time. Having two ports also means you get to charge, say, your power bank in one port as you charge your phone in the other. Even better, you no longer have to fight over who gets to use the charging port while on that long-distance family drive.

A car charger that doesn't compromise on durability.

You're no stranger to the frustrating gospel of car chargers and their famously wanting durability. If there's one thing you'll find in almost every car glove box, it's a bunch of broken car chargers.

Well, the G207 car charger is here to change things. Encased in premium-grade aluminium alloy, this is one of those car chargers you buy, then sit back and sigh in relief.

The premium quality is evident in its look, touch and feel. No doubt, you'll acknowledge this the second you receive your order.

Intelligent current distribution to protect your devices as they charge.

This charger auto-detects your device type. It then intelligently adjusts the current distribution to match the device's requirements.

In other words, your device is protected from overvoltage and output overload, short circuits. Also, it won't overcharge or overheat.

Your charger ALWAYS remains firmly connected.

Some loose-fitting chargers have that annoying habit of slipping out of the socket when the ride gets bumpy.

It's for this reason that the G207 car charger comes with those side circuitry contact points bumped out a bit more. This means the charger sits firmly in the charging socket and stays that way no matter how rough the ride gets.

In a nutshell, here's why the G207:
  • Fill up your supported devices at least 4X faster with QC2.0 and QC3.O supported charger
  • Connect two devices at the same time. The charger comes with two USB ports for charging convenience when during those long journeys.
  • Your device is protected as it charges. This charger detects and Intelligently distributes the right current amounts for your device. No overcharge, overheating, short circuits, etc.
  • Your charger stays firmly in place as the ride gets rough. Bumped out contacts for extra grip.

NOTE: Quick charge and fast charging work with supported devices and cables.


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