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All the chill without the frill! Introducing the whiskey bullet set. Its a neat collection of six oh-so-cool stainless steel bullets to ensure you enjoy your whiskey drink without diluting it one bit.

You spend a small fortune on the best whisky your money can buy, so why risk diluting that single malt goodness. Chilling it too much can lose all those volatile flavours and aromas. These whisky bullets ensure that your whisky is the true star of the show, and every subtle nuance in taste and smell is preserved.

Why can't I just use ice? Ice cubes, while practical and easily accessible, will dilute your beloved whisky and chill your drink far too much. And for the purists out there you really need to be using distilled water for the ice to ensure no trace chemicals are transferred from the melted ice. You wouldnt believe the stuff they need to put in our water to make it drinkable.

Whiskey is best enjoyed at room temperature - thats around 15-18 degrees celsius. Which in the winter months is no problem, but a balmy summer evening in South Africa means your whisky needs a bit of chilling to get it down to that perfect drinking temperature.

Whiskey stones (which are also known as whiskey chilling stones, whiskey rocks or ice stones) are all well and good but when youre looking to add a bit more coolness - pun intended - to your whisky drinking, then these cool bulleted bad boys are just what youre looking for. So whether youre a Scotch, Irish, Japanese, Tennesse or Jack Daniels whisky drinker, this is the set for you.

How do I use these whiskey bulllets? We recommend popping your bullets into the freezer for about 2 hours. Then once nicely chilled, drop two bullets in your glass and allow 2-3 minutes before drinking.

The sets comes in a sturdy presentation box with 6 stainless steel bullets and a pair of rubber tipped tongs. Theres 6 bullets in there, so pop two in your glass and invite a couple of friends round. Poker night with the boys just got that much cooler.


  • Preserve your whiskeys rich complex flavours and aromas without dilution
  • Looks totally bad-ass and will surely get some envious comments from your mates
  • Unlike inferior sets this comes with a rubber tipped pair of tongs. No more slip-sliding with steel-on-steel when trying to pick up your bullets.
  • So simple to clean, just rinse them off of pop them in your cutlery caddy of your dishwasher.
  • Makes the perfect gift idea for men or that whisky loving connoisseur.
  • Each bullet measures approx 47mm x 12mm, very similar to a real ammunition round

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Physical gift

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