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This Explorer Kit is the perfect starter kit with 5 pre-designed characters. It includes 7 servos and 372 pieces so you can use your imagination to create new codeable creatures and robots. Build the BabyBot, T-Rex, Walrus, Parrot and moreJimu means 'building blocks' in Mandarin. It is an interactive system of robotic building blocks. 

The Jimu Robot Explorer Kit is a DIY, Bluetooth app-enabled robotics building kit. The Explorer Kit includes a central control unit, 7 highly accurate digital servo motors, servo connector wires, lithium battery pack and power adapter, 372 interlocking parts with easy snap-in design and quick links to the Jimu App and quick start guides. The Jimu Robot Explorer Kit is a great way to get started in building and programming advanced robots today.

The Jimu App provides stunning step-by-step building instructions with 360 degree pan, tilt, and zoom capability. The Official Jimu Models provided in the App will help you learn how to build beginner to advanced robots with pre-programmed actions for you to play with, manipulate, and make uniquely your own. The App also provides you access to the Jimu Global community where designs for user-generated robots and actions can be shared with Jimu Inventors around the world! The Jimu App is available for iOS and Android Devices.

The incredibly fast and accurate digital servos allow your Jimu to perform amazing movements from the menu of pre-programmed actions or new actions you create with the action capture function in the app that easily records complex movements and allows you to fine tune, save and replay them with your robot. The Jimu Robot Explorer Kit and App platform make for a great addition to any STEM curriculum, teaching todays youth highly relevant skills in programming and robotics to better prepare them for the world of tomorrow.


  • 3D Dynamic Instruction: The free Jimu App features step-by-step 3D, 360 degree animated building instructions for every part.
  • Robotic Servo Motors: The high-torque robotic servo motors create fluid movement.
  • Snap-in Design: The pieces snap together by hand, so no tools are required.
  • App Control and Programming: Through a bluetooth connection, you can control and program your Jimu Robot with the app on any Android and iOS Smart Device.
  • Open Source and Sharing Platform: It's easy to upload and share your creation with the Jimu Robot Community, and like others' creations too.
  • Colourful character parts that add personality and design. 
  • Main control box that acts as the brains of the robot. 
  • Connectors that are the robot's infrastructure.

Robotic Servo Motors: 

  • Produce smooth, accurate life-like motion. 
  • Easily integrated with connectors and character parts.


  • Bluetooth connection and Android and iOS tablet or smartphone compatibility. 
  • App-based 3D animated instructions. 
  • PRP (Pose, Record,Playback)
  • Drag and drop programming. 
  • Jimu Community.


Physical gift


Couriered (to your door)

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