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Having a glass of vodka, whiskey, gin or even wine is a rather dull experience without a couple of ice cubes to add that "oomph" as you savour your favourite drink. And it doesn't matter whether you're out with friends or at home unwinding in the late night after an exhausting day. Ice cubes added to your drink always take the experience to the next level. But the sad part is that - with real ice cubes - this experience is over before it starts.. With each passing minute, your ice cubes quickly melt away into your drink ... diluting it in the process.

And if you love to preserve the strong, distinct taste and flavour of your liquor, then the fleeting experience of enjoying ice cubes with your drink now comes with quite the compromise Well, it's not all doom and gloom. It's precisely with this little predicament in mind that we bring you these stainless steel ice cubes.

And man, are these bad boys something! First, they're just the thing for any lover of aesthetics. They come in a pack of eight (8) highly polished stainless steel ice cubes or "whiskey stones" if you like.

These steel "whiskey stones" are meticulously smoothened and rounded on the edges to give off a classy finish that looks stellar as they sit and "clink" in your glass.

The idea is to place the cubes in the freezer about four hours prior, then you can drop just two cubes into your drink and it'll be chilled-as-ice in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Your package comes with a pair of tongs included to aid storage in the freezer as well as picking up and adding in the "whiskey stones" to your drink.

Here's a reusable substitute to the otherwise single-use ice cubes you love. These don't melt or dilute your drink, they keep your drink chilled all the way, plus they look really cool, snazzy, and exotic in whiskey, gin, cocktails and more - and because they don't dilute you could even pop them in a glass to cool down a warm beer. That's why you'll feel glad you grabbed yourself a pack of these stainless steel ice cubes next time you have friends or company over for a couple of drinks.


  • Lux, aesthetically striking, highly-polished to look stellar in your glass
  • Keeps your drink ice cold for a long, long while.
  • Stainless steel material with special thermal liquid contained
  • Perfect for whiskey drinkers, as they're essentially "whiskey stones" made of steel
  • Designed for the purists! They don't melt and dilute your drink; preserving the taste and flavour.
  • Comes with a storage container and pair of tongs for convenient use.
  • Premium gift-packaging
  • Makes a great bar gift or mancave gift

Please note: excludes whiskey glass pictured.


Physical gift

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