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Thank you, appreciate it. I know that this was out of your control and will definitely make use of your services again.
Thanks and yes, I do have Facebook account kg mabotja is my profile. And I have liked your page. And will definitely book another experience with you. And I will also refer people to you.
Thank you so much for your exceptionally great customer service. If we can extend the expiry date by 3 months, we are aware of the top up fee that will be payable by us if there is a price increase. We will provide you with a few options of dates for the future; again thank you for all your help.
Wow really fast thank you for your prompt response...... Amazing
Thank you very much for your reply and for the compliment It is a pleasure dealing with you, I am sure I will support you again Thank you for everything.
You are just too awesome!!
As always you are a star at service!
Thanks Odette, very efficient service you provide!!
This is absolutely fantastic news! Thanks a million! You are amazing. I look forward to the confirmation details.
Perfect - thank you so much! And I am sure I will use your site more in the future now that I have found it!
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