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Thank you, we did enjoy the food and the show, it was very nice, would have liked show to have continued for a bit longer, but I recon one person only have so much energy.... hehe. The fillet we had was the best I have ever tasted. Looking forward to our next experience.... I will start looking.
Thanks for allowing us to redeem the cattle drive voucher. It was an amazing experience! :) I loved riding the horses and the half the day out! Thumbs up to your impeccable service.
Thanks for the assistance. Its great to come across someone so efficient.
Thank you so much Odette. I will most certainly be supporting your business more often now that I have found you…. And I have recommended you to all my family and friends too.
Thanks so much I received the package yesterday and the stuff is awesome! Thanks so much for the voucher, I will do my best to put it to good use! I hope you have a fantastic, happy, safe festive season and wishing you and your family all the best for the new year.
I love the range of gifts, some of them are so cool and it has made my Christmas shopping significantly easier! I have also forwarded the link on to a couple of my buddies who I think will really appreciate them too. I will definitely order again, I’ve already spotted two things that I’m kicking myself for not ordering yesterday so you may see another one from me sooner rather than later.
I first used your site to order a gift voucher for friends as a wedding gift about 3 years ago and was so impressed with how easy it was and how helpful and courteous you were that Celestial gifts was my first thought for this year's Christmas presents. My husband is from South Africa and his family is still there and I find it very hard to send gifts to them as postage from the UK is often prohibitively expensive and many South African websites are not set up to take payment from overseas. Your company is a godsend in that regard and doubly so as you yourself are so lovely to deal with. I do try to mention your site to friends here who want to give family or friends back home imaginative gifts whenever I have the opportunity.

Best wishes for the festive season

You always provide us with prompt feedback and honestly you are one of the suppliers that I deal with that I don’t have to worry about. I thank you for that. I want to also thank you for giving our clients such wonderful service. We really appreciate everything you do from your side as well.
Thank you Odette. I appreciate the prompt and friendly service! :) You'll be hearing from me again soon.
Thanks Odette, this is lovely the way you’ve done it. Him and my mum are such youthful 64 year olds and it’s become so difficult of late to buy them gifts as they have just about everything. I’m sure they are going to enjoy their outing. Thanks again for arranging this.
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