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Thank you so much. I have referred your services to a few friends and I will certainly use your services.
You are way way tooooooo kind. I appreciate it really. Thank you. I will wait to hear from you. You, I only know from cyber chats but this I can say from my side, You are kind and caring (nothing is effort), extremely strong (to cope and succeed the way you do), trustworthy (you say what you mean and mean what you say), respectful (you converse with politeness and respect people/'s situations), loving (you are not afraid to say that you love your clients). Thank you for your positive attitude and outlook. We cannot control anything in this world except our attitude.
Thanks Odette - was great doing business with you.
Well I must thank you & compliment you, everything has gone very smooth & the service I received has been excellent. I will definitely be using Celestial Gifts in future.

Wow, your job sounds amazing! Dave and I didn't mind the delay; we loved watching the huge air force one planes. :-) The flight was amazing and Dave loved it! He was so surprised! The pilot Nico is also very nice! I am attaching some photos from yesterday for you :-) If you ever need to have photos taken, I am a professional photographer.
Thank you sooo much again! Really did enjoy! We will meet soon I think! Will book lots more activities!
I can ask to pilot to wait a bit for you or to take his time with the flight for you? I would like to meet you; I bought you a box of chocolates to say that’s for all your help :-)
For service like yours you deserve some chocolates :-) Thank you so much!
You are welcome, enjoy your day and thank you for your assistance in making my boss’s birthday special, he is looking forward to it when it is warmer :)
We had our hugely successful and fun Quiz Night on Friday night. I spoke about your wonderful service and am pleased to give you our winner's details for her e-voucher for the romantic cooking lesson & dinner. My sincere thanks once again for your support - we are deeply grateful.
Thanks again for the great service. I have passed on the gift to my friend who was suitably pleased.
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you! The parcel arrived today – on time. :) Keep on with your brilliant company and service! Enjoy your day.
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