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Thanks so much my husband enjoyed every minute! And so did my kids! We will definitely be looking at doing further business with you in the near future!
Silvano just called to say that he received the gift! He loves it. Thanks so much for all your help.
The cruise was lots of fun. The boat was well equipped. The only down side was that there was a bit of rain, but 4 people cancelled at the last minute so at least we had some extra space! We really had a great time. Thanks a million Odette! Looking forward to booking another experience with u in the future!
Just wanted to let you know the weekend was great. My shares are now up with my wife. Thanks for sorting everything out the way you did.
Both experiences was fantastic. The Segway tour was fun and exciting and the Day Spa was very enjoyable and relaxing.
Odette , the dinner was amazing - and we had 2 bottles of wine !
Just had lovely food and fun and we needed it. Was great!
It is great to know, when so far away, that when buying a gift for someone that the gifts are great. Your business has continued to give this value and I will continue using you and referring others wherever possible.
Aw you are tugging on my heartstrings ….. it has been a pleasure …
And we are now friends on face book and an email away , so its all good…..SERIOUSLY
Thank you for being awesome and patient with me too!!! Thanks again Odette ……!!!!
AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. You have been great – thank you ever so much….
I think you have a FANTASTIC concept of a business and was so delighted to come across your website. Trust me I am going to spread the news with your website because after a while to buy men after a certain age birthday gifts it gets so difficult and this is just so suitable that I am delighted with the options you offer and I must say at VERY reasonable prices. So thank you to you.
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