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Thank you very very much for your honesty and brilliant service. Much appreciated.
Thank you so much – the vouchers have just arrived and they are beautifully packaged. And thank you again for my little treat.
I haven’t received it only now. The date is perfect and myself and Teri will def be joining. I’ve sent your email to Bianca and asked her to find out from her boyfriend, told her to email you directly. Thank you so much for organising all of this and will def post allot of pics on fb with your information on it. Hope you get allot of business, it’s been brilliant!
Thank u so much for your time and patience and sorting out our booking. It is much appreciated.
It was a pleasure, will be in touch again next year, excellent service by the way.
Thanks for the excellent service that Celestial Gifts offer. You make picking gifts so much easier! May you have a blessed festive season.
Aw you are tugging on my heartstrings ….. it has been a pleasure …
And we are now friends on face book and an email away , so its all good…..SERIOUSLY
Thank you for being awesome and patient with me too!!! Thanks again Odette ……!!!!
AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. You have been great – thank you ever so much….
You are an absolute star and I always recommend your website to people.
This is not the first nor the last voucher purchased and I look forward to have many more dealing with you. I appreciate all your help. You truly are customer service focused. Thank you kindly
Thank you too - appreciate the super fast service absolutely amazing :-)
Have a stunning evening!
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