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Thanks for the great customer service Odette – I wouldn’t have bought these otherwise.
Fully understand the challenges, thank you for the excellent service and the personal touch.
Thank you for a great service. It is so easy to complain, but we seldom spread news about good service. Please see the attached e-mail that I have send to some of my friends. (You deserved the e-mail).
Thanks Odette and team for your great service – MUCH appreciated !!
Thank you so much your service as always is outstanding.
Odette thank you so much for this hard work. I really appreciate what you have done for our client. Thank you so much once again.
Thanks for all your assistance. It was really a pleasure to have connected with you. I will certainly be using your services again.
I sure did, thank you very much. This was so effortless thanks to you, you will definitely be receiving more business from me and what’s better than word of mouth ? I’ll be telling the other PA’s.
A very big thanks to you I had a fantastic weekend stonehaven thanks a million everything was planned perfectly and we had a wonderful time.
She was ecstatic and had a ball at the city slickers. Sandy has also recommended this to many other people.
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