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Thank you Odette for the fantastic service.
Thank you for sorting it out – winners!!!!!!
You are awesome!
Thank you so much for your unbelievable service. You have been such a gracious seller and I will definitely visit Celestial Gifts again. I know that the issues are out of your hands. Thanks again for being so kind and understanding, and I’m sorry about this.
Thank you for being such an awesome help. It was great working with you. Have a wonderful day.
Let me know what you think, you have helped me many a time in the past with special experiences hence why I keep on coming back.

Pleasure to deal with! Celestial Gifts... You guys know what customer service means!
You have been wonderful this will not be the last time I purchase something with you. Looking forward to seeing new and fun experiences on your site!

Thank you very much for holding my hand today. Your assistance and professionalism is as always, appreciated. Stay well and all of the best! Thank you very much for your excellent service and your speedy response, Odette.
Thats so nice of you. I promise I will recommend your website. In fact I have already started.
AWESOME thank you for giving such good service
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