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Thanks very much. I will visit your site again - its been a pleasure :)
WOW!! I am very thankful Odette. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again. You always come through for us.
We love doing little things on weekends, which is the only real time we have together. AND, people like you are making it possible, THANK YOU!!
I am blown away Odette....Thank you for making this happen....First time ever have I had such amazing customer service in South Africa. A big thank you to Royale for going out of their way. Restored faith in South Africa. My son was blown away and ecstatic and the fact that he spent the day at home studying for his final Masters paper on Thursday.....this made his day!!! I cannot thank you enough for going beyond the call of duty. I will be purchasing the BMW advanced driving tomorrow for delivery to his work on Friday to congratulate him on both his awards and huge promotion. Very proud Mum. I look forward to using your company on a continuous basis.
Thank you so much, I really appreciate all the trouble you have taken and for being so kind
Many Thanks for the efficient service.
Thanks for great service and all your trouble.
Thanks Odette - I have paid - thanks again for always being so helpful and efficient!
Many thanks for your great service! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!
I'm always a bit weary of purchasing over the internet (maybe i'm a bit old fashioned in that way). We've ordered and bought a gift to one of our Staff members through Celestial Gift Experience and the quality of service we've experienced was truly remarkable. Odette Butcher replied to every single email in an average of 5 minutes within and after working hours. Shes been extremely helpful, friendly and even offered to accommodate us in using the voucher after expiry thereof (provided we pay for additional fees). You don't find this kind of service and such pleasant people around every corner. Treating every customer as a friend. Thank you for all your help and I'm wishing you all the success in the world with this business.
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