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Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the awesome night away . I didn't realize that the package included a SUITE. I expected a normal room but was blown away by the stunning Suite. The dinner was also incredible!!! My husband thoroughly enjoyed his birthday . Thank you so so much. It was definitely great value for money and an incredibly relaxing experience. Thank you very much .
Thank you. I will definitely SMS you on the day to arrange the final bits. I have received confirmation that my reservation at the restaurant is secured, but will take your advice and will contact them two days prior to ensure all is in order. I cannot thank you enough and I am grateful for your assistance and support in making my all of this happen. The proposal went very well. Thank you so much for arranging everything. The staff at the elephant sanctuary were so friendly and made the proposal very special for us. I can’t thank you and them enough. Its was indeed an amazing experience with the elephants as well with the proposal. If it wasn’t for you, none of this would of happened, so well done to you and your team. You have a very happy and joyful customer in me.
I was waiting for the pics to mail you, it was a huge success, I (and the ranch of course lol) received so many compliments of a team building that was awesome, they commented on the food the drive , the staff, we couldn’t have asked for better. Thanks a mill !!!!! and to Adri I will send the pics still. Also, for the next one we want to go to a shooting range with real guns, not the toys we had Saturday, look into that and let me know.
My mom contacted me yesterday afternoon, she was so emotional and says it really knocked her off her feet and said she made quite a scene at school with all the tears flowing that wouldn't stop until the afternoon, bless her heart. Says the butterfly is really fascinating and loves the dinner in the sky. I can not thank you enough for doing all you have done Odette, you single-handedly saved my Mom's bday from being a disaster and would have broken both our hearts. I will certainly be passing your details on to all my peeps in SA and hope to bring you loads of business so you can hire someone and in return sip cocktails on the beach every day lol. Will never be able to thank you enough. PS: My dad's 60th next year in May, maybe swop ideas in a few months lol xxx
Thanks for all your assistance. It was really a pleasure to have connected with you. I will certainly be using your services again.
I sure did, thank you very much. This was so effortless thanks to you, you will definitely be receiving more business from me and what’s better than word of mouth ? I’ll be telling the other PA’s.
A very big thanks to you I had a fantastic weekend stonehaven thanks a million everything was planned perfectly and we had a wonderful time.
She was ecstatic and had a ball at the city slickers. Sandy has also recommended this to many other people.
I have received my package. Didn't really expect to have it before Christmas but thanks for the great service!
Yes thanks Odette, I have all the vouchers. We will enjoy the party thanks. Have yourself a very blessed Christmas as well thanks. Pleasure doing business with you.
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