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frequently asked questions

General Questions

How can I contact Celestial Gift Experiences?

info@celestialgifts.co.za | 0861222284

How do I buy from Celestial Gift Experiences?

There are 3 ways to purchase:

Purchase online at www.celestialgifts.co.za or call 0861222284

What method of payment do you accept?

There are 3 ways of submitting payment to purchase Celestial Gift Experiences:

Pay online via credit card, PayPal or EFT. You can also phone us so that we can take your order and payment over the phone – 0861222284.

Is personal accident insurance included?

Unfortunately personal accident insurance is not included. For your own peace of mind you are advised to take out your own personal accident insurance before attending your experience.


Users, Buyers or Recipients of any “Celestial Gift Experiences Voucher” agree to waive any claim of any nature they might have against “Celestial Gift Experiences”. Celestial Gift Experiences cannot guarantee the safety standards or acceptable performance of any “Experience Vendor”. Celestial Gift Experiences will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, death suffered by any client whilst participating in the “Experience” supplied by the Experience Vendor. Once an experience is booked, Recipients, Purchasers and Users waive any right to claim for any damages or loss they may encounter. Participators and Purchasers agree that some experiences have dependencies and that neither Celestial Gift Experiences nor the Experience Vendor will be held liable for cancellation or postponement of any experience for reasons beyond their control.

Are there any restrictions (e.g. age, weight or height) that I need to consider before buying the experience?

Certain Celestial Gift Experiences are subject to various requirements. Full details are included online at time of purchase as well as in the gift pack for the recipient’s information. As a purchaser you are advised to be clear of your recipient’s requirements/limitations before making a purchase. As a recipient you are advised to familiarise yourself with all requirements before making a booking. If either party does not pay particular attention to the experience requirements, you may be liable for charges if you have to cancel because they are not met. These restrictions are specified by our Experience Vendors for your own safety.

How is the personal data obtained from me used by Celestial Gift Experiences?

Read more about our Privacy Policy >>>

What is a wish list?

Whilst browsing through the various Experiences you will see an option to add to your Wish List. This functionality simply “bookmarks” all your favourite Experiences so that next time you visit the site you will be able to easily view these items without having to search for them again.

I haven’t received an on-screen confirmation on completion of my order or booking. What should I do?

Please contact us via email or on 0861222284 so that we can assist you. In order for us to track the status of your order you will be required to provide various particulars.

I’m not sure if payment has been processed with success, how do I check this?

If you are unsure whether your payment has been processed successfully, then please contact us on 086 1222284 so that we can check this for you.

I have tried to book my experience on your web site, but my name/voucher reference/security code/address/email address isn’t being recognised, what should I do?

If your details aren’t being recognised please contact us via email or on 086 1222284 so that we can assist you.

Why have I received a message saying my session has expired?

To store your shopping cart information we work within timed ‘sessions’. If your ‘session’ has expired, you will need to add your items to the shopping bag again, or please contact us via email or on 086 1222284 so that we can assist you.

About your booking (once you already have a voucher)

I’ve been given a Celestial Gift Experience, how do I book a date?

Follow the prompts at Redeem your Voucher >>>

What dates are available for my experience?

For up to date information regarding availability you are advised to either email or contact us directly on 086 1222284. If you book your experience via the web site you will be prompted to provide 3 different dates after which we will contact you to confirm availability. You are strongly advised to give at least 21 days notice and allow even more flexibility during peak season and holiday time. You should not make any travel or accommodation arrangements until booking confirmation has been received from Celestial Gift Experiences. If you have purchased or received a last minute deal please contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Can I book my voucher by taking it along to any local venue of my choice?

Unfortunately this is not possible. All bookings have to be made directly through Celestial Gift Experiences. This ensures that your booking is made with an authorised Celestial Gift Experiences Vendor and that your booking is confirmed in writing in advance between “CGE” and its experience vendors.

Can I change my experience for a different one?

Yes, you can change your experience for a different one. If your preferred choice of experience is more expensive you will have to pay in the difference. If your preferred choice is less, the difference will remain on our system for application to your next purchase. Please call us on 086 1222284 in order to arrange the exchange or for more information.

Can I add my vouchers together to buy an experience?

If you have valid gift certificates you can add them together to buy an experience. If your gift certificates total doesn’t equal the price of the experience, you are interested in; you will have to pay in the difference. Please contact us on 086 1222284 to arrange the purchase or for more information.

I’ve lost my voucher, am I able to get a replacement?

The original voucher will be available to download from within the client’s original online customer profile.

Can I give my voucher to someone else?

Vouchers can be transferred and will incur an admin charge of R100. The original recipient will also have to provide identification as a matter of security. Contact us for further information on 086 1222284.

I don’t want my Celestial Gift Experience, can I get a refund?

Refunds are possible as long as they are for un-booked vouchers and are within 14 days of purchase. A 10% admin charge will be incurred on total cost of voucher only (with a minimum of R100) and reimbursed to the original purchaser. Refunds are not possible for already booked vouchers.

Can I exchange my gift experience voucher for cash?

Activity gift vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. You may transfer the voucher to another person or exchange the experience voucher for another experience or gift certificate.

I’ve already booked a date for my experience, is it possible to cancel or reschedule?

Once you have booked your experience, we advise against rescheduling but may be able to assist if the experience is due to take place within more than 21 days. Rescheduling an already booked experience will incur an administration charge of R100. Understandably some cancellations may be necessary for reasons beyond your control. If these cancellations fall within the 21 day period we will do our best to assist, however, in addition to an administration charge of R100 you may be likely to incur cancellation charges as well. Contact us for further information on 086 1222284.

My voucher has an expiry date; do I actually need to go on my experience before this date?

No, the expiry date on the voucher is the date before which you must contact us to make a booking. The date of the actual experience can be up to a maximum of three months after the original voucher expiry date this reflected as the redemption date. Re-bookings following a cancellation must also be made for a date within this period.

Will my experience go ahead in bad weather?

Various Celestial Gift Experiences are dependent on weather. You are advised to call the Experience Vendor venue before setting out for which the relevant contact numbers will be included in your booking confirmation. If your experience is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, you will be able to rebook.

Company Information

I operate an experience that I would like to offer through Celestial Gift Experiences – whom should I contact?

We are always looking to provide new and exciting experiences. We look forward to hearing from you.

Read more about how to become an Experience Vendor >>>

I am a journalist looking to write an article about Celestial Gift Experiences, whom do I contact?

Please contact the Bucket List Genie | odette@celestialgifts.co.za I would like to request a donation from Celestial Gift Experiences for my charity/company, whom do I contact?

Please contact the Bucket List Genie | odette@celestialgifts.co.za

Where do your experiences come from?

An extensive network of Experience Vendors based throughout South Africa operates our experiences.